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DoubleDotDash Cutty Ranks 2021

A somewhat(but not totally) arbitrary list of 10 songs from 2021 that were played on the doubledotdash!? radio show.

10 – Refreshers – Moving Up Dub (0:00)
I discovered Refreshers in Lockdown #1, when their rework of “How Many Ways” by DJ 3D was in HEAVY rotation on the DoYou Breakfast show. That track may have saved my life, but that was 2020 (apparently). In 2021, Refreshers dropped another EP of hottt jungle slammers, but it was this mesmerising slice of ambience that stuck with me.

9 – Turnstile – Alien Love Call (ft. Blood Orange) (4:52)
By all accounts Turnstile are some hip American post-hardcore band that I have never heard of. However, I am a bit of a Blood Orange fan boy and this track made it’s way to me via the Youtube algorithm (best music algo out there mate). One day I listened to it 5 times in a row, so it had to make the cut.

8 – Moin – Lungs (7:47)
I guess that doubledotdash!? has a reputation for putting on gigs mostly featuring noisy rock bands, and I am also guessing that there may be one or two people who are a little disappointed that the radio show has a fairly low percentage of noisy rock music featured. Is Moin noisy rock music? I am not so sure, but it’s the closest you are getting today. Features the amazing drummer Valentina Magaletti, and put out on the amazing AD93 label.

7 – Aisle Knot – Feeling Strange (11:11)
I know nothing about Aisle Knot. Just googled it and nothing. Love this tune nonetheless Heard it on the Maria Somerville show on NTS, which is a great radio show. Don’t listen to it though, as you’ll find out where I have been nicking all the great tracks from.

6 – Alex Kassian – Leave Your Life (Lonely Hearts Mix) (14:15)
Yes! THE SOUND OF THE SUMMER (if you were depressed and barely left the house.)

5 – Black Country, New Road – Track X (20:08)
This is just about perfect to these ears. Why is it at number 5 on this list then you may ask? It’s because the band are “cool” and “other people” like them – I don’t make the rules.

4 – Serafina Steer / John T. Gast – Water Carrier (24:41)
Just let this wash all over you. Rewind!

3 – PinkPantheress – Just For Me (33:02)
My first draft of this list featured 3 songs by PinkPantheress. Could have picked any of them, but Coldplay did an awful cover of this in the Live Lounge so I needed to rebalance the universe slightly. Plus it appears to be about stalking and features a nifty car beep sound effect. She’s possibly an industry plant aimed squarely at getting 40 something men to buy new music? shrugs

2 – Tara Clerkin Trio – In Spring (34:51)
What is this music? Is it jazz? Is it from outer space? Or just Bristol?

1 – Tirzah – Send Me (39:41)
Super catchy minimalist contemporary soul music with Mica Levi on production. Just. Flawless. Tirzah is super underrated, both her albums are great – go listen to them. They kinda fit next to the first few Tricky albums in my head – go listen to them too. (Am I recommending Tricky in 2021? Yes I am. Trip-Hop is back baby!)

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