SiânFE & JayJay’s Best of 2021!

SianFe and JayJay Cutty Ranks

Here’s our favourite songs that we have been dancing and singing to at home this year. They aren’t new songs but they have been on constantly and this is why….

1. House At The Sea-Psychemagik Edit by Goya

When Jay first played this to me he said ‘you are going to love this’ and he wasn’t wrong. If I was music this is what I would sound like. It’s a funky little groove with touchingly simple lyrics that makes my soul melt and my heart beat. I spent ages putting a sampled loop of my, 20 years departed, Grandpa for my birthday show (which can be found on our Mixcloud) but messed it up after I left some filters on. I cried but started it again! So I now feel an emotional connection to this song too. Makes me want to sing and bounce every time I hear it.

2. Gorilla- Original Mix by Kill Frenzy

This is a long time firm F2D favourite. We never tire of it. Really good to mix with other tunes. It’s durgey and builds to a killer bass frenzy. Never fails to make me smile.

3. Close The Dam by Shaun Ryder

I have basically loved everything that Shaun Ryder has done but this is another level of love. It’s a gnarly little track with lots of great sounds and unmistakable vocal. Every time we play it it fills* the dance floor**.

**Dance floor=my kitchen

*Fills=me 😂

4. Sensi by Phibes 

Full of life and energy, gets us bouncing about. We have played it a few times on CCR and has always had a really good reaction from the chatroom.

5. Love Explosion by Donnell Pitman 

It’s an explosion of love.

6. Dr. Love by First Choice

Dr. Love: You need a dr when you are in love.

7. Chant Down Babylon by Sylford Walker

It’s a tune.

8. Que Pasa/Me No Pop I by Coati Mundi

Can’t beat a bit of kid creole.

9. Open Up Your Heart by Ishola Muhammad

First time I heard this I couldn’t wait to play it to Jam. Such a happy, sunny day song. Great to sing along too. Feel good at it’s best

10. What’s Wrong With Grooving? by Letta Mbulu

Basically – what’s wrong with grooving?!

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7 Responses

  1. Good Vibes all the way……thats what we love about CCR and Sian & Jay – more of this in the world please!
    Keep on, keeping on…..Big Love x

  2. All the love for this list! Gonna play it tomorrow while doing my Xmas baking and have a boogey in the kitchen

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