Benny Fonzarelli

I am the founder member of Cutters Choice Radio and began my musical career in 1990 as the lead singer of Oi/Punk band Blank Generation. We all hailed from High Wycombe and my brother and fellow Cutters Choice DJ, Chester Both Worlds also played bass in the group. We had some limited success. We released a vinyl album, a 7″ single and appeared on a vinyl Oi compilation album. The album ‘Out Of My Head’ was re-released to a new generation of punk fans in 2008.

By then though, music had changed and so had my own personal tastes. A decade earlier in 1998 I had converted to dance music due to Mitsubishis and bands like Lo Fidelity Allstars, The Freestylers and Pitchshifter. These were bands who made electronic beat-driven dance music, but delivered it with the same sneer, snarl, attitude and energy as punk.

I began DJing in 2002 as part of The Irreverence Sound System, along with my brother Chester Bothworlds, West Ham Dave, Too-Late-Mickey and Smiler (RIP). We were putting on regular nuskoolbreaks parties in High Wycombe and playing on local pirate stations, Trilogy, Point Blank and UKs Finest. In 2012 I launched Cutters Choice Radio and my now legendary Mad Womans Shit Sessions Wednesday night show. My brother Chester, West Ham Dave, Rolex Tharsus and Burns Van De Graaf also joined the party each and every week and we’re still ruling the internet airwaves to this day. In 2020 we’ve decided to up our game and now we’re on a quest for total world domination. God help anyone that gets in our way!

I also open up my Breaks Emporium every other Saturday from 5pm til 8pm.

I am a very modest guy and very rarely boast about my influence on modern culture. I was the one who came up with the idea for the name Oat So Simple for that instant porridge muck. The name basically thought of itself and just chose my mouth to fall out of. The people at Quaker Oats knew they were onto a winner.

In 2006, American film actor, Morgan Freeman described me as “Handsome and heroic” and said “He’s definitely the kind of guy who could dive off of a rock into the sea”

In 2008, President Tony Blair awarded me a licence to kill, which I choose not to exercise for ethical reasons. Also, when I was a knight rider I had a racing car that could talk.

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