My record collection started when as a tiny child I was given a record player, a Madness album and a bunch of 45’s found in a skip. I’m an old skool raver and junglist at heart and by the late 90’s I started playing drum ‘n’ bass at my own club night in Leeds called ‘State of the Nation’. Later on I ran two ongoing events in my hometown of High Wycombe. The first was called ‘Fire’ and the other one ‘Desert Island Disco’. After a brief fling with dubstep in the mid-noughties I started digging deeper to source the tunes and samples that were sitting behind the dance music and never looked back.

Since 2010 I have been running the Magnificent 7’s club night with fellow Cutters Choice Radio DJ Papa Max. My style has become fully eclectic and I would describe it as ‘esoteric freaky sounds’. During this time I have got to know Benny Fonzarelli, Chester Bothworlds and many more of those who have become part of the Cutters Choice Radio family. 

These days, you can catch me every Thursday from 7pm til 8pm. My Oddjob Mixup show is laced with underplayed tunes that aren’t likely to be heard otherwise. You can expect to hear freaky sounds from around the globe. No tune is too big or too small, too strange or too familiar.