Dolly Coin

I am a huge lover of music and have had many years of boring my mates with my music collection. My music tastes are very much inspired by my mis-spent youth at various clubs and free parties across London and Berlin. I had been a long-term listener of Benny Fozarelli’s Mad Womans Shit Sessions radio show and he was a DJ who inspired me with his eclectic selection of great music both old and new. Despite me having no previous experience of internet radio the guys at Cutters Choice really liked the fact that I seemed to know my stuff and gave me the opportunity to do my own show which, whilst absolutely nerve wracking at first, was an absolute buzz and the platform I’d always needed. I’ve now really grown in confidence as a DJ and often get really positive feedback which is great to hear. 

When doing my shows I like to play a real mix of music regardless of age, with a leaning towards electronica and a love of the obscure! You can catch my shows every other Monday from 8pm til 10pm. 



Dolly Coin’s best of 2021

Dolly Coin best of 2020/Nod to Weatherall

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