Growing up in the 80’s I was lucky enough to experience the rise of hip-hop along with all of its elements. Beat Street introduced me to breakin’ and the inventive sounds you could make with a turntable. Back then though it was my dads servo-arm record player that took a battering on a daily basis.

Fast forward to the early 90’s and I’m now captivated by the rave scene. Having the luxury of

The Reincarnation night in your home town meant that you got to experience the likes of Carl Cox, Rat-Pack, Jumpin Jack Frost and DJ Hype. That was only ever going to fuel my love of music.

A couple of years later and with a loan from a pal I managed to buy my first set of decks, Soundlab DLP3’s. If you could mix on these you could pretty much mix on anything! Over time I mastered these and then my good friend loaned me some more money so I could manage to get a pair of Technics. I lived in a flat in a small seaside town and everyday those decks would be the main focal point. Everything got played, from hip-hop to hardcore and then house music. It was at this time I met my soul-mate and future wife who would encourage me to leave the small town bubble and head off for a summer working in Ibiza…except…we never worked! Instead, we ended up hanging out with the islands Superstar DJs and frequenting clubs for free. I DJed alongside Brandon Block and scratched over Alex P’s set at Eden. I also played the Kiss FM Villa and breakdanced with The Cuban Brothers.

After the house scene in Ibiza came the big beat scene. This had all my favourite genres rolled into one. That then merged into breakbeat and the infamous breaks scene, and we all know how that story goes! Again, this was like my ideal genre. It took hip-hop, breakbeats, funk, soul and house and combined it all into one amazing style of music. That was it…. Masterbreaks was born!

Since then I have settled down, took a break from partying and now have a wonderful family. In the interim however I have been lucky enough to play alongside some musical heroes. I’ve warmed up several times for The Cuban Brothers and shared the same line-up as GrandMaster Flash, Norman Jay, Krafty Kuts, Beat Assassins and The Freestylers to name a few. I even managed to fit in a few low-key festivals, some club appearances including The Egg in London, and even The Brits Afterparty. Not too bad for a bedroom DJ. 

These days you can catch me on a Tuesday night between 8pm and 9pm on Cutters Choice Radio blasting out all my musical favourites past and present. I’m often joined by my super-talented boy Fidget Rhymes who jumps on the mic and spits some bars throughout.