Mo Beats

I was born way back in 1973 on the Isle of Man, a tiny Island halfway between Ireland and England. 

I was brought up on a playlist of breakdance, New Order, Michael Jackson and Guns ‘n’ Roses. It wasn’t until I went to College at 16 that I was properly exposed to dance music by some new friends. One mix tape and Purple Ohm later and I was hooked. At this point there was only one club on the island and it played everything from Gary Numan to The Cult to D-Mob and E-Zee Posse. Me and my mates frequented this club every week until it closed, shortsightedly, right as the acid house scene really exploded across the UK. 

I started collecting my tunes and learning to DJ almost immediately. I put on DIY raves out in the sticks with my cohorts using hi-fi decks I’d picked up at charity shops. One had a varispeed, the other didn’t. 

A new wave of clubs then opened across the island. Me and my crew managed to get barred from the best one for sniffing poppers. This banishment would go on for over a year, such is the Manx crackdown on anything that’s not beer. We decided to crack on with trying to put on after parties. During this time, me and my mates honed our DJ skills and increased our record collection sizes even more.

Once allowed back in the clubs, it wasn’t long before we all started putting nights on ourselves where we played music from the beginnings of rave as it was at this time. Being a small island it was the more easily absorbed music that took off more, and I started playing house and progressive house in order to keep the regular DJ slots, whilst still buying and loving the direction rave had gone in. The main clubs at the time were The Academy, Little Ceasers, The Cave and The Creg Mallin, and I played and put on nights at them all.

Keeping my hand in the faster beats of jungle and drum & bass, I developed my sound to veer away from the 4×4 beats and started playing breaks. I joined in with some friends who had started a night called Electrofresh. This night went on for 3 years and turned into the biggest underground night the island had seen, selling out every week. When the night ended I started up some nights of my own and held down residencies in some of clubs in the main Town. It was at this point an old friend got in touch with me wanting to put on some drum & bass nights so we put on The Low End Theory, a regular night in one of the main clubs in the city. Subsequent nights followed, Stealth and others. 

During my career I’ve had the pleasure of DJing alongside the likes of Altern8, Pendulum, RatPack, and many more. I currently run a dance tent at the biggest music festival on the Island, Dark Horse.

I also have an internet radio show called The MoBeats Experience which goes out every Friday night on Cutters Choice Radio from 9pm til 12am. You’ll catch me spinning drum & bass and alternating with old school flavas of all different styles each week.