My Therapist

I’ve always been into my music and have been a regular clubber and festival goer for many years. Some time ago, I admittedly visited DJ Yoda in the booth a few too many times to find out what track he was playing, only to eventually be told “why don’t you go and get your own f**king tunes!”

With this in mind I started to build a deep vault of funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae, breaks and drum ‘n’ bass and hone my skills on the turntables. Since then I have played at various clubs, parties and even Art Galleries as well as regular festival appearances including Glastonbury, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Bestival, Boom Box, Lovebox, Standon Calling, Give / Kimberley and One Taste. 

My DJ name arose because my theory is that even though I’m interacting with hundreds, or maybe even thousands of people, while a Therapist is working with just one person at a time, the same principle applies: meet the client where they are, then help to get them to somewhere better. 

I have recently decided to take the plunge into the world of internet radio and you can catch me spinning every Tuesday afternoon from 4pm til 6pm on Cutters Choice Radio.

Some of the things that have been said about me previously include…

“I really cringed when they said they were having a DJ but I love it!” – An Exhibitor at a Gallery opening party.

“Are you the best DJ in the World?” – Random drunk girls comments after various gigs.

“You’re so good you broke my ears!” – Elliott (who now suffers from Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome) (CT Scan available upon request)

“Your mixing’s scaring me!” – Ricardo, some guy at a party.