I was previously a slightly lost bedroom Breaks and Hardcore DJ before I found a home at Cutters Choice Radio in 2015. I had been a dedicated listener and jingle maker for Benny Fonzarelli’s shows but then he asked me to come on board and DJ. The open-minded attitude of the station gave me the chance to really indulge in my more naturally shambolic and musically diverse style.

The show is, hopefully, both surprising and entertaining for the audience. I always like to throw many styles that I love into the mix to keep things interesting. I would say that my musical style is equal parts eclectic, bemusing, unhealthy, drunk and loud! A typical show, if there is such a thing, will give you brand spanking new noise rock, psych, hardcore, hip-hop etc and stitch it all together with liberal doses of funk, pop, dub, gabber, metal and whatever else pops into my head during the week. The main aim is to have a lot of fun and a lot of drinks! You’ll find no po-faced navel gazing about “serious music” around these parts. 

You can catch the Rolex Lockdown Extender (The Rolex Hour Of Power in non-COVID times) every other Wednesday from 6pm til 7:30pm.