SiânFE & JayJay

Jay started off DJing in north London pubs and parties with the infamous DJ K-Rap back in the 90’s. They played a wide range of styles to keep everyone happy. When he wasn’t playing in pubs he could be found gurning all over the London rave scene….with no top on. What a Twat!

Siân is from the sticks and her first love was Indie, especially The Charlatans (they currently have a restraining order pending!) She went to lots of gigs, festivals and squat parties. Then moved to Brighton and fully embraced the party lifestyle, chatting her way around the clubs and after parties…..

When destiny brought their souls together two became one and the F2D crew was born!
We spent hours playing each other music from our past and discovering new music together.

Jay met Benny Fonzarelli through friends about 10 years ago and he was always threatening to do a show. Benny spent some time with us as lockdown eased, Jay played as Siân bent his ear and he said ‘this is it, this is your show’ giving us the confidence we needed to give it a go and so SiânFE&JayJay were born!

Our shows are eclectic with Jay mainly on the decks and Siân with a firm grip on the mic. The music comes from us both. We wanted to create a relaxed vibe that makes you feel like you are round ours. We are not professional!!

F2D4LFE xx


SiânFE & JayJay’s mixes

Best of 2021