I go under the moniker of SONAS, but you may know me as John Ricketts. I am a UK-based musician, producer, DJ and live performer but have now moved away from my previous incarnation, into a more diverse musical world.

With over a decade’s worth of production and performing experience behind me, I draw in elements of ambient electronica, as well as more club orientated sounds. 

My debut, Sequence EP, is a perfect example of this diverse style. All three tracks are blissful, chilled out electronica. But all three have a distinct sound giving them a uniqueness between them all. Whether it’s the brooding strings of ‘Ten’, the off key chords of ‘Sequence’ or maybe the piercing pads and synths of ‘Influence’, this is the soundtrack to a moody, epic piece of cinema.

After a string of releases focusing on the sounds of techno and progressive house, including the euphoric ‘Scarlet’ and a remix on the debut EP from UK-based electronic outfit Novablood, it was time for me to release the album ‘Credence’. Ths was the soundtrack to a movie not made yet. It is a heartfelt journey through cinematic sounds, dark ambient and simple, stark piano based melodies and emotive orchestral strings. 

With more music due for release in 2021 and my show for Cutters Choice Radio getting off the ground, it’s looking busy. You can catch me on the last Wednesday of every month from 4pm til 6pm.