The Motherfukin' M.A.P.

I want to start out by stating that I’m just a show host. I am NOT a DJ. 

I started doing live internet radio back in October 2012. Some friends in California got me involved in a now defunct Mixlr station called Silent Storm Radio. As the station was taking a nosedive I was found through Mixlr by Jared at Radio Confluence and he convinced me to join up with them in May 2016. A guy called Pocket Rob discovered Radio Confluence in 2018 and brought a few people to us who were already broadcasting elsewhere on Mixlr. Shortly after, Pocket Rob and another guy, Brown Town Sound started another station called Brown Pocket Radio and I joined their ranks in 2020. 

Another user, Dealey Lama discovered Cutters Choice Radio in late 2018 and gave us all a heads up and we would all tune in religiously on a Wednesday for the original Cutters Choice line-up. Benny Fonzarelli also supported my Radio Confluence and Brown Pocket Radio shows and asked me to come on board with Cutters Choice Radio in 2020 and I duly obliged. 

My musical style is completely diverse. I play EVERYTHING! In any given show you’ll hear me playing classical to noise and everything inbetween. You can catch me doing my shows on the following days and times…

The Stagger Inn on Cutters Choice Radio – Every 2nd Thursday from 10pm til 12am GMT / 5pm til 7pm EDT

Oh Good Goddamnit! on Radio Confluence every Friday from 12am til 2am GMT / 7pm til 9pm EDT

A Mouthful Of Nutz on Brown Pocket Radio  every Saturday from 12am til 2am GMT / 7pm til 9pm EDT