I was taken to a rave in a field in the summer of 89 and had my mind blown. By Christmas I had a set of 1210s. I then spent the next year locked in my bedroom trying to work out what was what. Some may say I’m still learning?

Early record shopping trips to Slough Record Centre ended up with such tunes as RSW – The Phantom, Leftfield – Not Forgotten and 808 State – Pacific in the box.

Raving in fields locally and then hitting Slough Centre moved quickly into clubbing and warehouse parties in London. The Park in Kensington High Street and Rage at Heaven were firm favourites watching the likes of Fabio & Grooverider, Colin Dale, Trevor Fung, Dave Angel, Carl Cox etc playing a serious mish mash of styles that really got me hooked on visiting record shops trying to find out what I’d been listening to on the previous evenings jollys. Things took a far more dirty turn when I started going to Dungeons on Lea Bridge Road. That’s when the Breakbeat really got me interested.

Skip forward a few years to the mid 90s I met the crew that would become the Irreverence Soundsystem (that gave me my nickname) and discovered Big Beat & Nu Skool Breaks. From there we started putting on our own parties in and around High Wycombe. Due to the success of that, Chester Bothworlds and myself paired up and went out playing Nu Skool Breaks at various nights in London and around the country and had our first taste of pirate & internet radio playing on FM stations Point Blank & Trilogy locally (with Smiler RIP) then starting a regular show on NSB Radio that ran on a Saturday night for over 2 years. On top of that we also played regularly on Cutters Choice Radio after its launch.

Fast forward to today and here we are. I’ve gone back to my roots and I’m playing House music in all its forms regularly on Cutters Choice Radio on the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of the month, 8pm till 10pm GMT.

Expect Bass Beats & Bleeps.

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