Hi, I’m Wookie. I had an upbringing of classic rock music which lead to me listening to slash metal in my early teenage years. I became a strong follower of local metal and punk bands and would always found be at the front of a pit. In my mid-to-late teens I went to my first rave and discovered all the wonderful experiences that came with that, and fell head over heels for techno and jungle music.


Further down the line, in some of my darkest days, I became part of the Magnificent 7’s and pushed my efforts and my vinyl collection into funk, soul and alternative music. For 7 years we  provided one of the best DJ nights in Wycombe. Nowadays I’m greatly privileged to be part of the CCR community and bring my vinyl collection to the wireless masses.

You can catch me spinning back to back with my good pal Willis nearly every Sunday from 8pm til 10pm.