I’m an eternal music lover with a range so broad that growing up I felt far removed from my peers. At 17, the rave scene came but I was more interested in the dance floor than the decks. As the scene moved from warehouses to clubs, the 90s exposed me more to the work of the DJ. 

The progressive / tribal sound was where I wanted to be all the time. From this came my first chance to DJ, at an afterparty. I was not in the best of states but that probably helped! From there it would always be the most perfect time to get behind the decks for me. So many ‘lose yourself’ moments that seemed to last forever.

Then came the most life-changing mix album..Northern Exposure in 1996. This was to set the mark of how I wanted to create DJ sets. I began aspiring to mix like my heroes Sasha, Digweed, Dave Seaman, Ian Ossia, Steve Lawler and Danny Howells. 

In 1998, with two friends, I began putting on my first club nights. Our debut venture was called Anticipation. We built a hardcore base of regulars who would come to Brixton from across the country to hear our mixture of house, progressive and trance. For two years we played to packed backrooms and continued to party long into the weekend. As the progressive scene started to become a little stale, Bedrock spawned my next love. Breakbeat. Rennie Pilgrem and Meat Katie brought a fresh approach to the sound I wanted to always be pushing. After partying at Hum I knew where the next sound space was that I wanted to be. Instantly, we took this sound back to our parties. Whilst not all people agreed with the way forward, it did spark the next couple of chapters in my DJ journey. 

Celsius Breaks was born. Alongside Gary Thalemann (aka Pitch Invader) we developed our back-to-back style through club nights and our monthly radio show on BRAP.FM.

As DJ technology moved on I realised that through Ableton Live that I could create the sets I really wanted to. Loops, acapellas and samples from all the music I loved blended together in breakbeat. This was a tough time as not everyone was ready for the movement towards digital DJing

Dealing with the haters and pressing ahead undeterred I was a finalist in the UK Pioneer Digital DJ competition at Cargo in East London. I was also a regular guest at key breaks nights in London including C64, Wonk and Supatronix amongst others as the duo of Celsius Breaks. They were halcyon times. 

I have never looked back. Although the technology has changed over time, the creativity has never waned. Vinyl will always be my tooth cutter, but my creative output exploded with digital DJing.

Now a regular on Cutters Choice Radio I get to explore all the musical avenues and hone the dark, tribal and melodic Friday club sound I love. My Sunday sessions have an anything goes vibe but always with the theme of Sunday music.

You can catch me on the last Friday of the month  7pm til 9pm and last Sunday of the month 12pm til 2pm.