Who are these people anyway?

What are these chancers all about?

Cutters Choice Radio

The myth, the legend, the fairy story... and now the movie. This is Cutters Choice Radio.

Cutters Choice Radio is the wayward, rebellious, offspring of station boss Benny Fonzarelli.

Way back in the Summer of 2011, Benny Fonzarelli, a young punk hailing from Wycombe and his pal Xavi from Barcelona had plans to start a band. Like all young punks they wanted to get their music out there and find a release from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

That band was Cutters Choice.


Benny and Xavi are the kind of people to live life with no limits, and the band was no different.  No limits on genres, no limits on who was involved, no limits on even what a band actually was. Because the band actually became a radio station.

They discovered a new internet radio platform called Mixlr, this gave them all the opportunity to DJ and play whatever they were feeling at any given time. Without months of band practice to nail a new style. Genius. What a time saver. Gotta love the internet. 

And so, Cutters Choice Radio was born.

The Mad Women's Shit Sessions

Starting out just once a week, Benny and Xavi were soon joined by Benny’s brother Chester Bothworlds and good friend West Ham Dave. Xavi eventually moved to California but Cutters Choice Radio continued, as did Benny’s ‘Mad Womans Shit Sessions’ show. Giving long established radio show formats a run for their money, Traffic Island Dicks anyone?

The list of quality (and lairy) DJs grew and in addition to Chester & Dave, new additions Rolex Tharsus and Burns Van De Graaf joined the party. Every Wednesday since has been Cutters Choice Radio night and they have built up a solid foundation of listeners. On top of that, Benny, Chez, Dave and two other friends, Mick and Smiler had formed the Irreverence Soundsystem and put on regular Wycombe-based parties that have run for many years now. If you remember them then you probably weren’t there.

The Unofficial Isolation Station

Fast forward to March 2020 and Covid 19 came and gatecrashed the party. Bad news for the world in general but Cutters Choice rose from the flames like a beer sodden phoenix. The inevitable lockdown happened and around that time DJ Country Cockney who Benny and Chester had been chasing for a while to do a show had suddenly found himself with far too much time on his hands. 

Keen to rekindle his love of DJing he agreed to do a show and was immediately bowled over by the open-minded nature of both the CCR family and the warmth, musical knowledge and killer humour of the listeners. He was hooked. So much so that he jumped in with both feet and started playing for up to 5 hours every day (if you managed to listen to every single hour of Country Cockney’s lockdown shows then let us know and we’ll send you a certificate).

Take it to the next level


Never one to not take things to the next level Country Cockney also worked closely with Benny on a recruitment drive to find other jocks that had found themselves in a similar situation. The response was incredibly positive and both the number of DJs and the number of listeners rapidly grew. Country Cockney got even more involved and became a partner in the station.

Relentless flavas, significant bangers

Today, Cutters Choice Radio has over 40 extremely talented DJs on its roster and offers quality music 24/7. It’s also very much retained its ‘anything goes’ mentality: You can expect to hear music right across the spectrum with a wide variety of genres covered, often just in one show! The DJs are all passionate about what they do and about ensuring that their shows are a cut above what you’d hear elsewhere. It’s that, as well as the incredible listener base that makes this station what it is and helps it to continue to grow at such a rate. 


So, what are you waiting for? Tune in, sign up, maybe even host your own show. Cutters Choice Radio. The home of relentless flavas and significant bangers.

CCR: The Movie

Filmed by the DJs during lockdown 2020, see behind the scenes of Cutters Choice Radio...


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