Country Cockney

I have been DJing for almost 30 years. I started out in my early teens when I was into the old skool hardcore sound and used to do random chores to raise money to buy the latest slabs of vinyl. My parents went away almost every weekend and as I had a huge sound system and my friend had a pair of Soundlab Turntables the parties inevitably always ended up at my house. 

At the age of 19 I plunged myself into debt and bought a pair of Technics 1200s. Around this time I was into the progressive house sound and followed Sasha, Digweed and co wherever they played. From listening to the Northern Exposure CDs and getting into artists such as BT, Spooky, Hybrid and others I first heard the emerging breakbeat sound and went searching for more. I became a regular at the Bedrock nights, avoiding the main room and heading straight to the Star Bar where Adam Freeland played. You would also find me at the Friction nights which started at Bar Rhumba then moved to The End as well as the Subterrain nights with Layo & Bushwacka as residents. Labels such as Marine Parade, Plank, Botchit & Scarper, TCR, Mob, Finger Lickin’ and others cemented my love for this sound and it’s the genre of music I still primarily play to this day. 

After leaving London at 21 I met my good friend P-Dub and through our shared love of breaks we formed the AWE Soundsystem and started putting on nights in and around Ipswich. Our mix CDs soon reached further afield and bookings in London followed. From there things spiralled and as well as having a residency on Pyrotechnic Radio (Part of Kool FM) we had a long-running  show on NSB radio where we first met the Irreverence Soundsystem crew. We gigged weekly across the UK at major clubs and festivals and became residents at the long-running Supatronix nights. In addition to that we also bagged a residency at the Chew The Fat nights at Ministry of Sound. We also played many events across Europe including Space in Ibiza, the Berlin Carnival and others. 

After many years being heavily involved in the scene I decided to take some time out and go travelling. The DJing was put on the backburner too, until recently when the lockdown hit. I joined the Cutters Choice Radio family and the flame has certainly been re-ignited. My ears are always open to new music and I try to embrace all styles. You will predominantly hear me playing breaks which is my first love but I have a firm mantra that ‘if it’s good, it gets played’ regardless of age, genre, or cheese-factor.

I was originally playing on the station nearly every day and gained a bit of a reputation as a ‘DJ Machine’ with my sets being between 3 and 5 hours each time. I also did a bunch of 5 hour specials where I covered artists including The Prodigy, FatBoy Slim, Plump DJs, Stanton Warriors, Beber, B.L.I.M, Dr Packer and The Freestylers. I also covered the Finger Lickin’ Records, TCR and Plank labels. 

I’ve now cut back to 2 days per week. Every Sunday from 2pm til 6pm you’ll catch me playing a selection of breaks. Both classics as well as a mix of upfront tracks. Every Friday evening from 7pm til 9pm I try to play to vary my styles and have a theme each week. When this whole lockdown malarkey is over and done with then hopefully you can catch me spinning back to back with Collins303 at our regular Full Flava Behaviour night in sunny Folkestone too!