I grew up in a musical household so music was always bound to play a big part in my life. I discovered electro and hip hop in the early 80’s and after seeing the DJs on TV mashing up the records on a pair of turntables I knew this was for me, and so the vinyl addiction began. 

I cut my teeth DJing at house parties and that very soon moved into the odd club, the first of which was Top Cats in High Wycombe in early 1991. Musically for me the 90’s was dominated by jungle and D&B. From the club scene I then began helping to organise the Tenacious Sound System parties where, as resident, I got to play alongside nearly all of my DJ heroes of the time including Randall, Hype, Darren J, Kenny Ken and Micky Finn.

As the 90’s faded away my musical tastes spread and I started to buy more breakbeat inspired music. In early 2002 I got the opportunity to get into radio on the pirate station PointBlank FM. My first shows were 90’s D&B on a Saturday morning. This soon turned into a Friday night breaks show that ran until early 2009. From 2006 to 2009 I also had shows on both NSB Radio and BreaksFM as part of Broken Home. 

Work and family life dominated the next 10 years, but the love of DJing and buying music never faded and this is why I have recently found myself back on internet radio with a regular slot on Cutters Choice Radio which I absolutely love. On this station I get to play a wide range of music covering all genres and no show is ever the same. 

You can check me out every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 8pm til 10pm.