Orson Filterpunks

I have been buying records ever since I can remember. My mother was a DJ and my Father was a drummer so I was brought up around music. I would buy records with whatever I could scrape together. When Hip Hop came to my home town of Braintree in Essex I was hooked. I tried all that spinning on my head stuff but it was the music and the clobber that really interested me. I have wanted to be a DJ ever since.

I started on a local pirate radio station called Sounds FM and played Hip Hop. I never even owned turntables but was desperate to get on and play records and talked my way in. I got a job in 1990 and managed to buy some turntables. I started raving at the same time and began to play Hardcore. When the clubs began to take over, I played House and Techno. I started producing around 96 and sold my turntables to fund the kit!

Roll forward to 2004 and I got a set of decks and some CDJs for crackhead prices and started buying and mixing Breaks. I loved it! It had all the elements from every genre I loved. I got a show on a pirate station called Rise FM and had a popular show on a Friday drive time. Jimmy Braykes heard my show when stuck in traffic one day and asked me to join NSB Radio. I accepted and hosted a show for a good, few years on there. This opened the doors to some great gigs and residencies and in the process I also met some amazing people.

Throughout the years I have amassed a large, eclectic record collection and I really want to share that with people so I’ve now accepted the invite to do a weekly show on the mighty Cutters Choice Radio every Wednesday from 12pm til 2pm.