the movie

Yeah you heard it right. Cutters Choice Radio: The Movie.

an exclusive behind the scenes look at the ccr community

Cutters Choice Radio: The Movie

Way back at the very beginning of the Coronavirus Lockdown in 2020, an experienced photographer and good friend of Cutters Choice Radio by the name of Chris Lopez contacted some of the new DJs that had joined up as well as some of the original members with an idea for a movie project.


Chris had been an avid listener of CCR and was experiencing it’s rapid growth and the positive effect through seriously tough times that it was having on both the DJs and listeners of the original ‘Isolation Station’ and he wanted to document it. And so, he asked some of them to interview themselves (due to lockdown he was obviously unable to do it himself) and show / explain how they made the magic happen. None of these DJs had ever done anything like this before and everything was filmed on mobile phones so to say he had his work cut out was a massive understatement!!


It became a 2-man job and so Chris drafted in the help of John Greenaway, another super-talented listener and friend who had created the incredible new CCR artwork and branding which you’ll see all over the social media pages and the stations stunning new website. Between them both they laboured for months to piece it all together and sequence it so it had a flow, picking the best bits to make a short video that really captures the times that we were, and still are in and the awesome, eclectic and original vibe of Cutters Choice Radio.


We hope that you enjoy the video and the characters within and off the back of it then check out not only the incredible radio station and also the website where you’ll find more about the rise of Cutters Choice, info on all of the incredible DJs, more free downloads than you shake your rhythm stick at and all the latest news, charts, events and other associated goodness that’s on there for your pleasure.