So, we’re obviously hoping that whilst you’re here you’ll have a good ol’ nose around the place and make yourselves at home. Kettle’s over there, biscuits are in the jar and if you’re really hungry you can find the choice cuts by clicking on the media player.

But, if you’re new to Cutters Choice Radio then here’s a handy guide to give you an idea of what shows to check out to suit your favourite styles. Although, we hasten to add, and we say with complete bias but pure honesty, there are NO bad shows on this station and every DJ is awesome!!


If you like your breaks then you’ll be spoilt for choice! Most of our DJs come from a breaks background so like to spin at least a few breaks tracks in their shows. We at Cutters Choice are also fully in the camp that believes that breaks is coming back from the dead and we’re doing all we can to make that happen! Check out some of the shows below and we’re sure you’ll like what you hear…

Country Cockneys Sunday Breaks Sessions – Every Sunday – 2pm-6pm
Benny Fonzarelli’s Breaks Emporium – Every Saturday – 6pm-8pm
Tanookify – The Thursday Sessons – Every Thursday – 4pm-6pm
Funkbudha – Friday Funday – Every Friday – 3pm-5pm
OAP-Dub’s Breaks With A Beard Show – Every 2nd Friday – 5pm-7pm

Drum & Bass –

Want your beats a bit faster? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for that too. We have some incredible DnB heads in our ranks who all have incredible mixing styles. Look out for these shows in particular…

The Shfty Beats Show – Every 2nd Sunday – 6pm-8pm
Lo Definition – The Shakedown – Every 2nd Saturday – 6pm-8pm
Adz Distant Vibrations – 2nd Sunday Of The Month – 8pm-10pm
Funkbudha – Beats Not Bugs – Every Tuesday – 6pm-8pm
Rudeboy Morris – Thursday Night Get Hype – 1st Thursday Of The Month – 8pm-10pm

House –

If a four to the floor beat is more your kinda thing then you’ll do alright by checking out these shows where you’ll get a bit of house, techno, acid, and whatever else they decide to hit you with on any given week…

WestHamDave – Bass, Beats And Bleeps – 1st and 3rd Saturday – 8pm-10pm
Garnos – If It’s Free, I’ll Have 2 – Every 2nd Saturday – 4pm-6pm
Sonas – Last Wednesday Of Every Month – 4pm-6pm
The Fleabag Sessions – Last Friday Of Every Month – 7pm-9pm
O.P. Groover – 2nd Wave Rave – 1st Saturday Of Every Month – 10pm-12pm

Alternative –

Like your music a little more ‘obscure’? Want some DJs that just love to dig deep into the vaults and play those tracks you thought only you had? We’re talking Punk, Ska, Dub, Country, Gabba-core and all manner of genres that most of us have never even heard of but wish we had! If that sounds like a bit of you then you’ll no doubt enjoy these shows…

RolexTharsus – Lockdown Extended – Every 2nd Wednesday – 6pm-8pm
DJ OJ’s Odd Job Session – Every Thursday – 7pm-8pm
DJ Papa Max – Max Power Sessions – Every Thursday – 8pm-10pm
Chester Bothworlds – The Freedom Sound – Every every 2nd Wednesday – 6pm-8pm
Benny Fonzarelli – Mad Woman Shit Sessions – Every Wednesday 8pm-10pm
DJ Voo Doo A Go Go – Where The Wild Things Are – Every Wednesday – 10pm-12am
DJ Dolly Coin – Every 2nd Monday – 8pm-10pm
Crimson Mist – Every Sunday 10pm-12am
The Motherfuckin’ M.A.P! – Every 2nd Thursday – 10pm-12am

Chillout –

We’ve also got you covered for some laid back vibes with these shows…

The Fleabag Sunday Sessions – Last Sunday Of The Month – 12pm-2pm
Excil – Sunday Comedown Sessions – Every Sunday 12pm-2pm
The Saturday Warm-Up Wth Bomber Harris – Every 2nd Saturday – 2pm-4pm

Eclectic –

And then we come to the shows that are literally like a box of chocolates in that you never know what you’re gonna get! On any given day these shows could be playing anything including reggae, hip hop, house, breaks, funk, drum and bass, techno…you get the gist. On most days you’ll get to hear all of those styles in just the one show!

Country Cockney – Friday Throwdown – Every Friday – 7pm-9pm
Wookie, Willis And Friends – Nearly every Sunday 8pm-10pm
Dellamorte – Back To The Crates – Every Monday – 6pm-8pm
dtism – Straight Outta Norwood – Every Monday – 12pm-2pm
Tom Freethos – Beats, Bass & Riddim – Every 2nd Monday – 8pm-10pm
The Breakdown With My Therapist – Every Tuesday – 4pm-6pm
The Masterbreaks Show (Featuring Fidget Rhymes) – Every Tuesday – 8pm-10pm
High Eight – The PiDeck Sessions – Every Thursday – 12pm-2pm
Dave Vice – The Lockdown Lunchtime – Every Friday – 12pm-3pm
Hubie Sounds Lock-In – Every 2nd Friday – 5pm-7pm
The Mo Beats Experience – Every Friday 10pm-12am
Ma77y B – Beats From The East – Every 2nd Saturday – 4pm-6pm
Jackblacksstuntdouble – The Sunday Sessions – Every 2nd Sunday – 6pm-8pm
DJ Hazzmatt – The Fake Friday Sessions – Every 2nd Thursday – 10pm-12am
Sparkie – Live From The Funky Earworm – Every 2nd Saturday – 8pm-10pm
Hazmatts House Party – 2nd Saturday Of Each Month – 10pm till he drops!
The DoubleDotDash Radio Show – Every 2nd Monday – 10pm-12am
Devil Fish – The Magic Beat Pot – Last Saturday Of Each Month – 12pm-2pm

So there you have it. Something for everyone. If you can’t find anything to please from this lot then you may as well just be done with it and cut your ears off!!

What are you waiting for? Click on that media player, get in the chatroom and get involved!

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