Benny Fonzarelli’s Best of 2021!

Xmas Benny

Benny brings out the big guns for his top 10 of 2021

1- I Think Last Night I Killed A Man- Maggie The Cat, Trashmouth
2-He Can Be Your Lady Tonight- Vanity Fairy
3-Sparky (Flamingodsremix)- Nuha Ruby Ra
4- Luxury (Trevor Jackson Reproduction)- Raf Rundell
5- Last In The Riot (Sordid Soundsystem Remix)
6- The Doll-Audiobooks
7-To Tear At The Sea- Torrid Horror
8-Pressure- Chubby and the Gang
9-Under Your Wing- C.O.F.F.I.N.
10- Wild Flowers- Warmduscher

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